D. Kyle Pierce

Position: Vice President, Research & Development

D. Kyle Pierce is the Executive Director of Nano-Engineering at Clene. Mr. Pierce has been with Clene since its inception. Mr. Pierce oversees the R&D department, designed the production equipment and software which Clene uses in its manufacturing of their key asset, and developed production procedures. He started his carrier in an antecedent technology and development company, General Resonance, as a Senior Engineer developing the technology used for Clene’s production equipment. While attending the University of Maryland at College Park, where he received a BS in Electrical Engineering, he worked for the Army Material System Analysis Activity (AMSAA DoD). While at AMSAA Mr. Pierce debugged and maintained an active protection performance model software, he was issued a Secret Security Clearance from the Department of Defense. While at Clene, he has co-authored numerous peer reviewed publications.