A Revolutionary Paradigm Shift in Drug Development

Neurodegenerative diseases present unique challenges that must be addressed in novel ways. Decades of research in neurology and the neuroscience fields have shown that many neurodegenerative diseases share a common underlying mechanism: a decline in the cell’s ability to produce energy. Although this decline occurs as a part of natural aging, it is amplified and exacerbated by neurodegenerative disease. These energetic deficits result from and lead to neuronal dysfunction and death. Clene’s revolutionary nanotherapeutics have unleashed the extraordinary catalytic activity of elemental nanocrystals to improve cellular energy production in the setting of disease-related stress resulting in neuroprotection, neurorepair, and remyelination. In this way, nanotherapeutics may have broad applicability to disease states for which energy depletion or dysfunction are fundamental.

How it works

The Problem

Failure of energy production underlies the pathophysiology of many neurodegenerative diseases1. In these neurodegenerative diseases, cellular energetic metabolism becomes impaired, resulting in loss of neuronal and oligodendroglial function.

The Science

Once inside cells, catalytically active nanotherapeutics drive critical cellular energy-producing reactions in the setting of disease-related stress while decreasing harmful reactive oxygen species, resulting in improved neuronal and oligodendroglial fitness, function, and survival.

The Solution

By transmitting thousands of energy-supportive electrons per second per nanocrystal, CNM-Au8® has been optimized to accelerate neurorepair, improve neuroprotection, and enhance remyelination.

The Future

This innovative platform can be applied to developing a wide range of nanotherapeutics with unique catalytic profiles, generating a deep pipeline of drug candidates to treat a host of different diseases.

Our Platform

Our nanotherapeutics are produced utilizing a patented electro-crystal-chemistry process that results in highly-faceted, clean-surfaced nanocrystals of pure transition elements. This process is optimized to control three critical characteristics: size, shape (highly faceted crystal structure) and surfaces (contaminant free) to ensure consistently high catalytic activity for enhanced therapeutic benefit.


Our lead asset, CNM-Au8, is a first-in-class, orally-delivered, aqueous suspension of catalytically active, gold nanocrystals that improve cellular energy production and utilization. Resulting from a number of patented manufacturing breakthroughs, the catalytically active nanocrystals of CNM-Au8 drive critical cellular energy-producing reactions in the brain that enable neurorepair and remyelination by increasing neuronal and glial resilience to disease-relevant stressors.

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1Camandola, S. & Mattson, M. P. Brain metabolism in health, aging, and neurodegeneration. EMBO J 36, 1474–1492 (2017).