Mary Anne McNeil

Position: Head of Human Resources

Mary Anne McNeil is the Head of Human Resources at Clene. Ms. McNeil is an accomplished professional with a diverse and successful career in human resources, management and marketing. Prior to joining Clene, Ms. McNeil served as the EVP of Human Resources, Marketing and Sales for a successful art business, where she executed a company culture of diversity, career development, and an outstanding sales force. While there, sales increased by 40%, the employee retention rate doubled and the signing of new artists to represent increased by over 12%. Ms. McNeil is creating a company culture which encourages diversity, growth and learning, open communication and accessibility, recognition for exemplary work, long term careers while striving to make Clene a leading and desirable place of employment. She has started a management training program by working with a local college, has implemented a review and raise process, has encouraged career mapping with all Clene colleagues which has led to many promotions within the company, assisted in developing a comprehensive training program and is working with workforce services to employ individuals from the local area. doubled. She is excited for the future of Clene and looks forward to its success and many upcoming milestones.